Lampiris contacted Design is Dead to develop a guerilla campaign together with Humo in Flanders. The campaign was limited to print and online targeted to the Humo audience. When we proposed our Grow a Pair concept Lampiris was that convinced that they decided to extend the campaign to their national campaign for Q1 2013. They allowed us to go one step further, a bit more on the edge... and we did.


Lampiris is the fastest growing energy supplier in the Belgian market of the last years. Based in Liège they have an high brand awareness in the South of Belgium. In Flanders their brand awareness is coming, but needed a boost. The main objective of the Grow a Pair campaign is to increase the brand awareness of Lampiris in Flanders, this in line with their values being green, low cost, humor, rebel.


Our starting point was that there exists in general an important inertia in the Belgian market, this in multiple sectors, being the energy sector, but also in telecom, banking etc. Knowing the offer and the values of Lampiris we consider that if the Belgian people would be more conscious on their suppliers that this would lead to acquisitions for Lampiris. 

In order to do so we developed a campaign with as goal to make the Belgians more assertive. The campaign consists of a coaching program in order to first increase the awareness on our lack of assertiveness, and secondly to coach the Belgians to become more assertive. 

Since the campaign is social driven, humor is a crucial, hence the name of the campaign ‘Grow a Pair’...



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