Rule #01

Believe in people

“Care deeply about your people. The ones that buy from you. The ones that work for you. The ones that share their heart and soul with you. Put them at the centre. Let their passion color your solutions. Forget formal connections, encourage warm and durable relationships instead.”


Rule #02

Believe in long term

“Build stability. Ideas and opinions from yesterday will not stand the test of time. They won’t fit new users and they will not grow. Change is the only constant. Act now to still be there later. Co-create to strengthen, construct to transform, build for what comes beyond. Don’t make things that are simply pretty. Make adaptable things that last.”

Rule #03

Believe in impact

“Make the right choices. Don’t look to tomorrow or the week after, focus on honest growth and positive profit. Learn to flourish when things go bad. Be sure of what you can do and the impact your business can deliver. Call it “getting shit done”. Learn to take care and become extremely good at it. Become durable to perform better forever.”

Rule #04

Believe in building

“See puzzle pieces everywhere, build persistent solutions for everything. Invent in-time options for a better world, a better workspace, a better business. Develop a place where great ideas are born and grow up to become great outcomes. Imagine 100 different ways to adapt, to grow, to last. Make ‘durable’ your ultimate way of working.”