Design is Dead combines a strong belief in blockchain technology with strategic insight and technological expertise. take a trip with us along the blockchain today and discover the business opportunities it enables. As your end-to-end blockchain partner we accompany you from start to finish to deliver the applications of tomorrow.

What is blockchain

We have designed two blockchain workshops to introduce the technology and inspire you

Discover blockchain


We get you up to speed on blockchain technology and its possibilities. After the speed run we walk you through the existing landscape and use cases.

What do you get from this workshop?

  • A clear understanding of blockchain
  • Understanding concepts such as cryptoassets, consensus and smart contracts
Explore blockchain


We showcase some existing use cases for your or similar industries to get you 'in the zone'. Afterwards we do a first deep dive with you into goals, business needs and opportunities

What do you get from this workshop?

  • Understanding of use cases in your industry
  • A set of challenges within your company where Blockchain can be of added value

Blockchain in your company

Build a blockchain case

Build the case

Let's discover value through collaboration; you know your business, we know blockchain. Together we map your stakeholders, assets and processes to find suitable use cases. Our framework analyzes the validity, feasibility and impact on the use cases.

What do you get from this workshop?

We provide the necessary input to build the business case in order to bring it to your executive board.

Build a blockchain poc

Build the POC

Further fine tuning of the concrete specifications, prioritization of the features and scoping the first MVP (minimum viable product) will lead us to deliver your first baby on blockchain.

What do you get at this stage?

A working prototype that can be evaluated with real users and the refund of the previous blockchain workshops that you followed with us

Discover Use Cases

Build a blockchain case

Blockchain in Telecom

How distributed ledger technology can improve network efficiency and reduce roaming costs.

Build a blockchain poc

Blockchain in Pharma

Blockchain can play a significant role in improving the product lifecycle for pharmaceuticals.

Build a blockchain case

Blockchain for Social Impact

Open blockchain networks provide a neutral basis for self organizing communities.