2018, an exciting year!

2018 will be an exciting year! This is the year of personalised journeys, BlockChain, AR/VR, IoT, etc. Yes, we know… they are not new concepts but their adoption is far from what it should be.

And with excitement, some challenges come along too…

Penetration of offshore companies in the Belgian market is going to increase. Jean-Francois Aernouts, Trade Commissioner in the Consulate-General of Belgium in Chennai, reported to thehindu.com, that they want to position Brussels as the ideal place for Indian companies willing to expand.

This will encourage local players to differentiate from these global players that look at first sight very cost-attractive.

Who are the traditional roles that companies such as Design is Dead approach?

According to Gartner’s report “Mastering the New Business Executive Job of the CIO”, the role of the CIO is shifting from an IT-outcome-focused role to a business-outcome-focused role.

Consequence of this shift, we observe how the priorities for 2017/2018 are purely business oriented: Growing market share and Digital Transformation. We can surely identify the traditional cost optimisation, but the main focus is increasing the profit and revenue of the company.

The same report explains how the CIO is becoming the liaison between business departments and an enabler of the digital transformation. This explains why growing the market share and enabling digital transformation are on the top.

Adobe’s CMO survey reports a CMO who is assuming more responsibilities within the company.

The following priorities are identified in the survey: 1) the acquisition of new customers; 2) increase the customer purchase volume; 3) purchase of related products and services; 4) customer retention; 5) entry of new customers into market; and 6) price per unit.

Surely, these priorities shift by industries and markets. For example, we see that manufacturing and services will focus on increasing the customer purchase volume. Obviously, those industries that have a low conversion rate and high acquisition costs will focus on maximising accounts instead of acquiring new ones.

How is Design is Dead going to help companies in 2018?

  • Enabling scientific experimentation for marketing departments
  • Enabling personalised journeys with AEM
  • Becoming an enabler for customers who want to dive into technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT

And we will make sure to expand every point in the following blog posts.

Any question? Just ask.