Hello world

This is the common sentence that every developer has seen in his/her life when they start to use a new framework, a new language or something new.
The reason why I’m texting this because it is my first blog post. In fact, this is my first social media post ever!

Who am I?

I am a 25 Italian guy that is working in Brussels as a Data Engineer at Design is Dead (DiD).
It is my first experience of “real” work but it is still amazing: Why?

Life at Design is Dead

Since I arrived at DiD I felt like coming home: we share the same mindset and the same values.
I immediately felt welcome in this new environment with a lot of new concepts and new technologies to learn. We never stop learning right?


During the onboarding process, I started to understand which career path I want to follow. Even if my background was Data Science (at least on paper), I decided to enter the Data Engineering world.

DiD gives me all the time and the guidelines to start quickly diving into it. Starting from Kafka, event-driven and streaming concepts
until Docker, Kubernetes. You name it.

One month after my arrival, I was already enrolled in a project and getting busy with these technologies. It was really exciting!

The first customer as a Data Engineer

After a few months and a lot of work, thanks to DiD, I had the opportunity to join a very well known customer: Brussels Airport Company.
Here my mind started to blow up (in a positive way obviously). A totally different environment, a big company and a lot of new technologies to learn. Paradise!

So, I’m really excited for my first job! All of this thanks to DiD, the need and curiosity to always learn and challenge my self.

Good start right? What do you think about it?

#Data #Engineer #DesignisDead #NeverbackDown

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