Data Engineer

You are truly passionate about data and want to go way beyond the hype

Are you convinced excel is the only tool required to do quality data analysis? Do you consider implementing data-driven as copying these excel files onto USB-sticks and distributing them to your colleagues? You are sure the coffee-breaks are the most productive moment of the day?

Then please, do not continue reading!

However, we are very interested if you have been working with data before and became convinced there is something more to this Big Data thing than meets first glance. We are building a team of people who are truly passionate about data and want to go way beyond the hype. Do you see yourself as part of such a team? Are you deeply interested to discover the magic behind data processing at speed and at scale?

In short, are you our new data team member? If so … continue reading!

Who are we looking for?

Technology-wise, it is important to have the following skills or knowledge:

• You can program in Java, Scala or Python are a plus

• You have worked with data storage systems and storage models (document stores, graph stores, …)

• You know SQL, but also other ways to handle data

• You are aware of what it means to build an application

• You have written quality code, in a development setup

• You have at least played with Kafka, or other realtime processing platforms

• You know what ETL is and what it is used for

• You understand development is only part of the lifecycle

Additionally, It would be a plus if you:

• Have worked on open-source projects

• Have some code available on github, gitlab, bitbucket or somewhere else

• Know other programming languages like Go, Javascript, ...

• Have worked with technologies like Elasticsearch, Kafka,, Hadoop, Cassandra, Hbase, Flink, ...

• Have been writing MapReduce, Pig or Spark applications in the past

It would be a very big plus if:

• You have been implementing Data Architectures in the past

• You have been working with Realtime Big Data technologies

• You have experience in ML or AI from an engineering point of view

What do we offer?

  • Our ears and hearts; so we know what you desire

  • A solid team to work with that stands for quality and agility

  • A job with a lot of autonomy within a European network.

  • A good balance between life and work.

  • An attractive salary package with incentives…

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